WRITING RETREAT: A photo-journal


Selfie by the pond (I would have asked the forest elves but they were busy!)

So last week I went off into the woods for a self-styled writing retreat, where I had a lovely, private facility all to myself. Some might say, “weren’t you lonely, or afraid, bored, or distracted by the maddening silence?” I would say, none of the above. I was very aware of being alone, but never lonely; I was surprised momentarily by animal or other sounds unfamiliar to me, but confident my immediate surroundings were safe; I had slack moments, but never once felt bored; and the sounds of silence enabled a floodgate of work on my WIP.

Last week I mentioned that every writing retreat has takeaways.  For me, the biggest realization was how hard it is to write this second book. I think Crazy was easier because it is semi-autobiographical and flowed from a well deep inside me.  I am having to work harder on the WIP (not directly based on personal experience) which is not a bad thing, just a new-and-different thing. So as part of my frequent breaks, I compiled a little photo-journal.  At least, I told myself, if I come down with a bad case of writer’s block, I will have something to show for it.

Every day you can count on a sunrise and a sunset, even if you can’t count a single word you wrote.


Sometimes the sunshine doesn’t produce as much

IMG_2567as the clouds.


Writing can be as complex as a labyrinth,

IMG_2579as free-wheeling as a liana,


as meandering as a stream,


as gnarly as tree knots,


or just downright messy.


It can be enough to drive you into a hole,


cause you to talk to trees,


or seek shelter in unlikely places.


Savor the new life that springs out of dead leaves.



WRITING RETREAT: A photo-journal — 7 Comments

    • Thanks for leaving a comment, Cindy. Life certainly IS in the moment, and I’m looking at the little “Forty-three years later” photos you sent me, and reminded that you and I do a pretty fair job of embracing those moments. If only life would slow down a bit to accommodate our slower pace, ha!

    • Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I was lucky to be able to set aside time to do this, and I was pleased with what I got done, although it is still slow going. But not quite as slow as home with all its daily distractions (like helpful hubby, for one, ha!)

  1. Linda,
    I enjoyed the photo journal and your take on the experience. You found an awesome get-away/retreat. I also love a time away to work without internet and other home distractions. I usually spend them with my husband, but I have a few days alone in the past.

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