I’ve taken the last several weeks off from “writing” which is not to say I have been sleeping late and sitting around eating bon-bons.  To the contrary, I’ve been burning the midnight oil, stretching all my ancient brain cells around the new learning curve of creating a website.

What an adventure.

First, I purchased Jane Friedman’s Writer’s Digest webinar, Create an Author Website in 24 Hours or Less  and I watched it multiple times.  It was indeed very helpful, but as I said, these are ancient brain cells we’re dealing with, and I still had lots of questions.  The best thing about the webinar was Friedman’s unwavering endorsement of WordPress.  When I searched in that direction I stumbled on Tyler Moores youtube tutorial How To Make a WordPress Website – AMAZING! and I felt like I finally had the details I would need at least to get started.  This guy IS amazing.  His business name is Conutant and he has many youtube videos out there that give step-by-step help on the whole picture and all its individual parts. (And no, he didn’t pay me to give him this plug).

I literally split my screen and went back and forth (many times) between the instructions and my page.  After an  inestimable number of bungling fits and starts I had a shell of a website, but seriously lacking in bells and whistles.  I decided it was time to seek “professional” help to put the finishing touches on.  I cringed at what this might cost, but was pleasantly surprised with the feedback I began getting, like “wow, you’ve done most of the work yourself”  or “you’ve saved yourself lots of money.”

Keep stroking those old brain cells, guys!

After interviewing several companies, I settled on BCV Publishing.  The fact that they are literally around the corner from me in Charlotte was a big plus.  Somehow in this daunting process it gives me comfort to know that if my web site and/or I come down with a bad case of “what do I do now?” we could bundle up and go in for an office visit. I know in this digital age that sounds crazy, but hey, this whole web adventure is slightly crazy for ancient mariners like me anyway.

Long story short, if you’re reading this you can judge the final product for yourself.  And I DO invite comments and observations because with my newly acquired brain cells and a CMS (Content Management System) I will be able to make most changes without consulting a webmaster.

Now that we’ve reconnected, I hope you’ll come along for the ride.




  1. Dear Linda,
    Hurray for you. I am so very proud of you. You did a great job!
    You found wonderful resources to help you get your new website up and running.

    It took Determination, Belief, and Courage! You did it.

    Celebrate you.
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

  2. Linda,
    Your website looks awesome! And I love the photos, especially the first one.
    Now it’s official- you’re a YA author! Can’t wait until next August when I can finally read your book.

  3. It’s been many months, since you blessed me with the opportunity to read “Crazy” in its then manuscript form. Many lost brain cells later, I had forgotten all but the basic gist of the story. After having read your excerpt, I was returned to that place of one young lady’s struggles; and was again intrigued by her ability to deftly communicate and interpret her difficult mental battles in the seemingly absurd world surrounding her. I’m counting the days until August, when I will be able revisit her story in full.

    Successful website…check!
    Successful author….check!

    Congratulations, Linda!


  4. Linda, just signed up on your blog… nice web site
    BTW… one of these days, i think we owe it to ourselves to actually plan a day to do nothing but sit on the couch and eat bon bons…. Every body talks about it but nobody does it !

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