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imagesI appreciated being chosen a 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist last week and being included on Aimee Jodoin’s blog Foreword Reviews along with four other books that she declared “offer hope to teens who suffer from mental illness.”  It is one of many perks that have made these past eight months so special.

This journey with Crazy has been life changing for me. I can’t tell you how heartwarming it has been to hear the stories of people across the country who have been touched in some way by reading my book.  I never dreamed of such a response, and I am thankful to God beyond measure for allowing me to touch lives in such a profound way.

My husband and I are off for a much needed vacation to the British Isles for the month of June.  The blog will take a vacation, too, and when I return, I am going to a “sometimes” model. I’m not sure right now how that will work, but if you are still interested in following me, please check back in early July and I will surely have some news to share.  At this writing, I am about to begin the revisions for my second book, tentatively called Batten, and I’m excited to share details with you when I return.

In the meantime, thank you for coming along on this journey with me!  By blogging less, I hope to write more, and when I do, you’ll hear it first right here.




The Blog and Me — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Linda,

    We are so happy for your success and your happiness! You and Wendell have a wonderful vacation.


    PS I am recovering from VPS surgery for Hydrocephalus, slowly but surely.

  2. Hi Helen,

    I’m so thankful you are doing better. You have really been in my prayers. Thanks for the kind words and well wishes. Looking forward to seeing you one of these days!

  3. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy some time off! Congrats on your continued and much-deserved success with CRAZY. Can’t wait to hear
    what’s coming up next in your writing journey!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Miriam. I hope all goes well as yours makes its way into the world. I’ll look forward to catching up at SCBWI if not before!

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