School visits and youth conferences: Yes!

The more I get into this book-promoting world, the more I appreciate it for what it’s worth.  And it’s worth this:  meeting adults and youth who connect with Crazy in some way, and making a pitch for more open, honest communication about mental health issues in the classroom and in the greater population.

In the past several weeks, I have had the privilege of seeing how Crazy has touched hearts in both segments of the population.

March 24, Queens Grant Community School, 7th & 8th grade assembly followed by a workshop (Writing From the Heart in Verse) with a class of 24.  I was so impressed with the questions and comments from this very attentive group of students,


and then, the level of creativity during the writing workshop.


April 11, Colorado Youth Literature Conference, breakout session, “Saving Lives Through YA Literature.”  A group of dedicated librarians from the Denver area put together this stellar conference that sells out within a few days to 400 participants, half of which are youth, ages 12 and up.  

IMG_0008Linda and hostess committee member, Arra Katona

The room was packed, the response was totally open and receptive, and the thing I heard most was “thanks for sharing your story.”


Linda with committee members Marge Freeburn and Susan Person

I don’t enjoy “promoting” myself, but I am very blessed that the Lord is using this book to touch hearts and minds of many who have experienced mental health issues in some profound way.




School visits and youth conferences: Yes! — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks, Judy. It’s a lot of persistent hard work, because high schools do not cater to author book talks. Middle Schools are friendlier, but a lot of the time, it just depends on who you know at a particular school.

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