I’m allergic to cats, but before I realized that, we had a wonderful cat named Millie.  My son, Tom, brought her home one day and she quickly became a member of our family…until allergies forced me to give her up.  She made out like a bandit during the last years of her life, because a good friend with no allergies took her in and let her rule the roost!  I had dreams of Millie starring in a picture book one day, but alas, she was destined to star only in my heart.

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God loves Millie and me.

How do I know?

He gave us each  other

creatures, two legged and four.


When night invites moonbeams

and star-showers in,

Millie captures shadows

and sings medleys to me.


Millie rattles my door

to see if I’m lonely.

With a running leap

she settles on my bed.


God loves Millie and me.

How do I know?

He guards us sleeping

and guides us waking.


At the stir of first light

Millie spreads into a yawn,

purrs good morning in my ear,

dodges my reply.


Mama makes kitchen noises.

It’s breakfast time!

Meow, meow,

I’m hungry, can’t you tell?


One bowl for Millie,

one bowl for me.

I pour, she sings,

and weaves love ‘round my feet.


God loves Millie and me.

How do I know?

Our bowls are as full

as the plans for our day.


It’s time to get dressed.

It’s time for our chores.

I brush Millie’s fur

between wiggles and wags…

and dancing leaps.


Come out right now

you silly, silly.

Hide and seek later

when our work is done.


Toys in the box,

clothes in the drawer,

shoes in the closet,

even the stringy shoelace.


God loves Millie and me.

How do I know?

He eases our work

and delights in our sport.


Millie curves the ball to me

back and forth,

back and forth…

until a fly sails by!


Now we can play hide and seek.

I cover my eyes.

Millie sneaks away…

to dreamland.


Afternoon sun

splashes into the room,

landing on Millie

like a spotlight.


I crouch down

now two cats in the window.

I give a chin tickle.

She slurps love on my cheek…

scampers to the kitchen clatter.


After supper and a bath

it’s time to read

how God’s love spread across our day

like honey on warm bread.


Mama says it’s time

for cats and dogs

birds and beasts

to say goodnight.


Papa closes the book.

We say our prayers.

Thank you, God

for all your creatures,

two-legged and four.


Honorable Mention, Carteret Writers, Inc., Ninth Annual Writing Contest, 2000, Writing for Children 


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  1. Linda,

    The image and cadence of this poem played hide and seek with my heart and remembrances of so many beloved childhood Millies. You truly capture the lovely moments and the love between our childhood selves and our four legged familiars.
    And, isn’t that link still there even as we age — held by amber eyes, a paw laid gently on our arm as we read?

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Susan,and for your kind comments. Yep, I’m living proof that you don’t have to be an over-the-top animal devotee to experience true love with a favorite four-leggged pet.

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