Featuring Madeleine Kuderick’s YA novel, Kiss of Broken Glass


For the next little while I will be featuring fellow 2014 debut authors with a wide-open Who, What, Where, When, Why format.  Today I welcome Madeleine Kuderick, whose YA novel Kiss of Broken Glass will be released by Harper Teen in September 2014.

Who am I: I’m a YA author and poet who grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, near Chicago. In high school, I was editor-in-chief of the same newspaper that Ernest Hemingway wrote for as a teen. I studied journalism at Indiana University before transferring to the School of Hard Knocks where I earned plenty of bumps and bruises and eventually an MBA. KISS OF BROKEN GLASS is my debut novel.

What do I like writing about: I like writing about underdogs. Even the ones who snarl and don’t want to be rescued. Because let’s face it, underdogs are a lot more interesting than those fluffy pedigrees with pom-poms and perfect teeth.

Where is my book set: My novel is set in a psych ward where my protagonist is locked up for 72 hours after she’s caught cutting in the school bathroom. This is what she has to say about the place:

I bet you wonder how anyone could ever change

in just three days,

                  in a place like this,

where everybody’s broken.


Trust me.

I wonder that myself.

Where do I get my ideas:  I usually get my ideas from personal experiences. Things that touch my life. Something someone says. A single sentence can explode into an entire story line. I’m also a big fan of street art which I’m currently collecting on my Tumblr. Lots of inspiration there.

Where am I going personally:   I could say I’m going crazy, or over the edge, or around and around with anticipation because waiting for your first book to come out feels like all those things. But as far as an actual place I’d have to say I’m going OVER THE MOON. Isn’t that where all debut authors go?

When do I write best: After midnight.

Why do I think I’ll succeed in this crazy business: Because I write with all my heart, have plenty of persistence, and require very little sleep. Seriously though, I think it’s all about how you measure success. If my book touches even one person, shines some light in a dark place, gives that person a little hope – well then, that would be success to me.

KISS OF BROKEN GLASS is coming September 2014 from HarperTeen. For more information, check out Madeleine’s website at www.madeleinekuderick.com or follow her on Twitter @kuderickwrites.


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