May is Mental Health Month. Maybe you are one who feels uncomfortable around anyone who appears to have a mental problem.  Maybe you are even afraid that they might try to harm you or themselves if you try to interact. … Continue reading

School visits and youth conferences: Yes!

The more I get into this book-promoting world, the more I appreciate it for what it’s worth.  And it’s worth this:  meeting adults and youth who connect with Crazy in some way, and making a pitch for more open, honest … Continue reading

Meet Jenna Israel, Another Teen-acious Teen

I am pleased to welcome Jenna Israel, who comes highly recommended by her friend and former guest, Eliana Franklin.  Jenna loves to read, and as you’ll see, she definitely has a scientific side. LP:  Welcome to the conversation today, Jenna.  Tell us … Continue reading

Dolores Andral talks about and gives away Prissy on the Moon

I had the privilege of meeting Dolores Andral at the WNBA Author’s Showcase in Charlotte, NC on March 7. Her first book, a picture book called Prissy on the Moon, came out in August, 2014. Here is the synopsis from … Continue reading